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Zawaj Events - Professional Muslim Marriage Event - London

Organised by Zawaj Events
Date & Time:
Sat 14 Jul 2012 6.00pm - 9.00pm
Hilton T5 Heathrow
5 Poyle Road, Colnbrook, SL3 0FFView map
Age Limit:
Dress Code:
Smart Casual
Transport Links:

Event Description

Geared towards Single Muslims from a professional background.

Final Event before Ramadan

Meet people from all professional backgrounds from financial to medical

Here at Zawaj Events we focus on the people to ensure you, that we are here to help you seek your partner. We have a team of Islamic Students in your presence. The events is hosted in beautiful atmosphere to keep you more relaxed and to be yourself.

Geared towards Single Muslims from a professional background. Also open to all ethnic backgrounds .

We don't ask anyone to change their personalities, so if you're a shy person this is the best event for you.

At the Event
Step 1: Registration with numbered badge provided
Step 2: Small Briefing by organiser, request cards will be handed out.
Step 3 Male and Females will be formed in to small circles (Chaperones will be separated at this point)
Step 4: Ice Breaking Sessions and small talk will be for around 10-15 minutes per circle this gives everyone a chance to introduce themselves. The best part is, each circle has a volunteer making sure the conversations are going on and to prevent awkward silence. We don't just leave you to it.
Step 5: Brothers will move to the next circle and so on.
Step 6: After rotations have finished the main part of the event will begin, hand in your requests to our staff
Step 7: Potential 1-to-1 meetings will be organised for a maximum time of 7 minutes per meeting, (matches will have priority).
Step 8: You’re free to go home, with good intentions.

After the Event: You can also email us if you want to have further contact with a participant you didn't want to speak to on the day or didn't get a chance to meet.

Limited: 50 males to 50 Females max
Parking: Complimentary onsite parking
Light Refreshments will be served

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